Dr. Prohaska –
Impingement Series

Our impingement series includes the following views:

True AP (Grasheys)
Axillary Lateral View
Supraspinatus Outlet view
30° Caudal Tilt
AP of AC Joint
All of these views are listed below with examples and a description of how to shoot them.

True AP (Grasheys)

Position: Patient erect with affected side against Bucky, turn patient 30-35 degrees

Tube: Perpendicular

Demonstrates: Glenohumeral joint space

Axillary Lateral View

Position: Patient supine with small sponge under shoulder, humerus abducted to 90 degrees, elbow bent 90 degrees and perpendicular to table

Tube: Central ray bisecting angle of humerus and body

Glenohumeral joint
Coracoid process pointing anteriorly
Lessor tuberosity in profile
AC joint, acromion, and end of clavicle project through humeral head

Supraspinatus Outlet View

Position: Patient erect PA, with affected side against Bucky, turn patient 40-45 degrees

Tube: 15-20 degrees caudal with central ray at the coracoid

Demonstrates: Acromial morphology

30 Degree Caudal Tilt

Position: Patient erect or supine

Tube: 30 degrees caudal entering at coracoid

Demonstrates: Acromial morphology

AP of AC Joint

Position: Patient erect or supine

Tube: Perpendicular to AC Joint

Demonstrates: AC Joint